Rising indie rock duo Into Surf share their Foals-inspired self-titled EP

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A talented indie rock duo inspired by bands like Foals and Bombay Bicycle Club, Into Surf have recently shared their self-titled EP, unleashing four hooked-laden, emotive cuts that showcase their sound perfectly. Together, the duo of Matt Smith and Rob Parker wrote, recorded, and produced the EP in their London flat, making this debut EP a perfect and unadulterated look into their impressive creative world.

Built on tracks like ‘Awake’, that artfully combines thumping bass with angular rhythms and sweeping guitar riffs, the EP hits like a breath of fresh air, with Matt and Rob taking the familiar sounds of their inspirations, and twisting them into something exciting and original. Bursts of guitar and expressive vocal lines cut through hushed melodies, while tracks like ‘Slow’ and ‘Feel’ sink into darker, atmospheric tones, showing off the bands’ ability to pack emotional moments into their charismatic sound.

Speaking about the EP, the band shared, “In many ways, this EP came to be about change. Our previous music project was derailed by the pandemic and various other big life events and so this EP represented a new step for us personally as well as musically. We began working on it after moving in together, while we were both dealing with different personal issues. Taking the time to create something in that moment and taking ownership over a project was really important and we think offered us an anchor. It turned into an opportunity to be more vulnerable in our music - particularly our lyrics - than we had been previously, and having it as a personal focus for us both was important. That did add some anxiety around releasing  it, but equally, now that it’s out, we feel more ready to be more open and take on new challenges.”

Into Surf formed in 2022, though Matt and Rob have known each other since childhood; they started writing and performing music at around age 15. Speaking more about their new project, the duo shared, “One of our biggest musical influences is Foals, and the name comes from their song ‘Into the Surf’ from their album ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Part 2’. Believe it or not, it took us three or four months of banging our heads against the wall before realising that dropping the ‘the’ from a song we already knew and enjoyed made for a band name we didn’t hate.”

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