The Veracious Ones – ‘Vacuous’

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There was a time, not too long ago, when the thought of a nu-metal resurgence would have most music fans running for the hills. After bands like Limp Bizkit, Mudvayne, and Drowning Pool drove the genre into dire straits, the “the non-alcoholic beer of metal” finally faded away from the public eye, heading back underground where it’s been hiding out ever since. Today though, nu-metal has made an unexpected and triumphant return, and it’s all thanks to The Veracious Ones.

A titanic new outfit from the heart of Melbourne’s blossoming metal scene, The Veracious Ones are on a mission to resurrect the much-maligned genre, bringing back its former glory with a hailstorm of syncopated rhythms, vicious lyrics, and dark, semi-industrial tones.

Armed with a massive new EP that perfectly illustrates their resurgent sound, The Veracious Ones have soared to the forefront of the revolution, cutting away most over-blown elements of the genre and delivering a fierce slice of nu-metalcore brilliance that will echo throughout 2022. Built around six defiant songs that twist the old school sound into a dark maelstrom of cataclysmic flows, skits, and archetypal rapping that is all blended seamlessly into the heavy metal sound.

Speaking about the new EP, Sputnik Music celebrated the new release, stating, “’Vacuous’ takes where Linkin Park once left with ‘Hybrid Theory’ for all your nostalgic nu-metal needs and closes the EP with an experimental track Eyes of the Shinigami. The latter has the weirdest mix and musical approach of certain interest.”

Set to impress throughout 2022, The Veracious Ones are working hard to reinvent the once-great genre, and ‘Vacuous’ is just the beginning. Tune in to the full EP above via Spotify, and make sure you check out lead single ‘Spiritless’ one our annual Spotify playlists.

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