DIREVILLE – ‘Wasting Away’

A band forged in the mountains of Colorado, DIREVILLE is unlike any other band you would have come across this year. With a unique style that takes the rustic, soulful sounds of blues and old school Americana, the band have built a brilliant sound that is best described as dark Western anthemics. Built to intrigue and inspire, the band have been working on their debut single for some time, and now, it’s time to find out exactly what they’ve got to offer.

Titled ‘Wasting Away’, the debut single from the band is an unforgettable listening experience, blending dark and stormy blues with stark funk vibes to create a barn-burning, boot-stomping anthem. From the fiery vocals and raucous instrumentals to the brooding atmospherics that washes over everything, ‘Wasting Away’ is brilliantly paced and perfectly produced, carving out a unique space that DIREVILLE proudly claim.

Set to be the beginning of an epic story, ‘Wasting Away’ has already captivated hundreds of listeners online, and as is it keeps building momentum, it just seems to get better and better. Tune into the new single below via Spotify, or head to our annual Spotify playlist where you can stream it alongside a string of other impressive singles from the year so far.

Named for the ghost town that was famously known for its outlaw funk and bootlegged whiskey debauchery, the band have well and truly made their mark with the brilliant ‘Wasting Away’.

Available now on all major platforms, the new single is an explosive mix of sounds and styles that will have you enraptured, announcing both the band and their rapturous style in perfect form. Tune in to the new cut above, and make sure you lend your support by following DIREVILLE on Facebook and Instagram below.

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