The Wild Sky - ‘Am I Ever’

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A talented trio from the sunburnt coastal city of Mackay, Queensland, The Wild Sky have just shared their debut single, ‘Am I Ever’, channelling a timeless blues sound into a wonderfully heavy funk-rock aesthetic. Led by the gravelly voice and slick guitar skills of Irishman Ron Croker, and an enchanting rhythm section composed of Evan Daly on drums and Michael Peters on bass is tight, The Wild Sky have set a brilliant standard with their debut single, lashing out with a sharp and relentlessly funky style. 

Released today, ‘Am I Ever’ is an instantly engaging new single that will strike a brilliant chord with any fans of The Black Keys, Royal Blood, or Queens of the Stone Age. Capturing an evocative sound where the band seamlessly stitches together a classic rock ‘n’ roll edge with undeniably soulful blues vibes. It’s an immediately engaging sound, and the band do an impressive job of balancing the rousing instrumentals with Ron’s delivery and lyrics, with the song speaking about chasing your childhood dream and wanting more from life.

Speaking about the single on their Facebook Page ahead of the release, the band explained, “This song is like Michael Bublé meets Queens of the Stone Age. It's rockin' and dirty with some old school 40's swing influences.” Ranging from sharp, explosive rock energy and more rustic funk melodies, to more retrospective, free-flowing jazz stylings, The Wild Sky have built a sound that transcends eras and boundaries, offering something engaging for every listener.

Easily one of the most engaging debut singles of the year so far, ‘Am I Ever’ is available to stream on all major digital streaming platforms now.

Along with the release of ‘Am I Ever’, The Wild Sky have announced a string of  four new singles to follow, with the band releasing one per month for the next four months. Together, the tracks will make up The Wild Sky’s five-part singles series, with each new cut arriving on the last Friday of the month. For more, be sure to follow The Wild Sky on their socials below.

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