Tina Ratliff - ‘Good News’

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An exciting Gospel recording artist born in Greensboro, North Carolina, Tina Ratliff discovered her love for music at the young age of five, and since then she has devoted herself tirelessly to chasing her passion. A talented performer now based in Charlotte, Tina has recently shared an enchanting new remix of her debut single ‘Good News’.

After finding her passion for music early in life, Tina has gone on to achieve a number of impressive feats in music, performing as a background singer for Grammy nominated artist Rudy Currence, and opening for the legendary Gospel Artist Karen Clark Sheard. An expressive artist, Tina is a writer, performer, vocal coach and mentor, making her mark and following her dream of becoming known around the world.

After making her debut in 2015 with the original version of ‘Good News’, Tina took a few years to travel the world, bringing her soulful sound and powerful voice to her audiences. In 2020, she delivered her highly anticipated sophomore single ‘Created’, piercing the hearts of a new wave of fans. Now, Tina is setting the stage for her first gospel project, sharing a gorgeous remix of her debut single.

Available now on most streaming services, the remix is a perfect encapsulation of Tina’s talents, delivering a soulful, funk sound that shines through crisp auto-tuned sounds and a melody that never fails to excite.

In 2024, Tina will release her first gospel project, continuing her journey to becoming a household name. For more from Tina, be sure to check out her website and social media pages below, and keep an eye out for her first music video, which will be released mid-summer.

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