Tony Dapro – ‘Mauston’

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Armed with dreamy vocals and unforgettable basslines, Tony Dapro has been carving out his own unique path through the music industry in recent years, pushing his sound and earning accolades as one of the hottest up-and-coming talents. With sharp production, thoughtful emotive lyrics, and a bold intimate sound that draws you in, he’s been building a powerful fanbase, and it's all thanks to tracks like ‘Mauston’.

Opening with an instantly memorable hook, ‘Mauston’ hits with an underlying sense of familiarity, one that keeps building with every passing bar. As the RnB scales emerge, Tony artfully blends them some subtle dance melodies, creating a hybrid sound that is filled with bold instrumental drops and an undeniable groove. Vocally, Tony really shines, adding a sense of depth and character to the track through his textured sound and intimate delivery.

An expressive showcase of Tony’s modern approach to sound design, as well as his bold, universal appeal, ‘Mauston’ has all the workings of a hybrid anthem, one that combines the heavy beats of a hip-hop cut with the gorgeous RnB melodies. Fittingly, the production is perfectly done, building the synths and intricacies, while also letting the track breathe. It’s a clever trick, and it works brilliantly, creating a shifting vibrancy that elevates the track above any mainstream hit.

Introducing Tony to the world in perfect form, ‘Mauston’ is a slow-burning epic that continuously impresses, building on the momentum generated by his previous singles, and adding a new chapter to his unfolding musical legacy.

An easy, melodic hit that flows with an undeniable sense of magic, ‘Mauston’ is a clever balance of personal drive and commercial appeal, creating a vivid and constantly engaging piece that will become something different for every listener. Relatable to its audience in everything from concept to production to performance, it's essential new listening.

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