Tyson Finesse – ‘Let Get High’

  • 2 min read

A sharp new talent cut straight from the heart of Brooklyn’s underground rap scene; Tyson Finesse is the rare sort of rapper who is happy to let his music doing the talking for him. An enigmatic figure who has only just surfaced online with the release of his debut single, Tyson has all the makings of a true rap icon.

At just twenty-two years of age, Tyson has developed a promising blend of contemporary hip-hop vibes and flowing chillwave sounds, combining the two genres into a hazy and deeply expressive sound. Titled ‘Let Get High’, the new single marks Tyson’s first true foray into music, taking hold of both Spotify and Apple Music with passion and unmistakable promise.

A quick-fire release that strikes hard for just under three minutes in length, ‘Let Get High’ is a powerful illustration of Tyson’s potential, layering multi-faceted melodies, enduring 101 beats, and plenty of intoxicating, reefer-filled references. Cliched those the lyrics might be, Tyson’s smooth delivery and over-arching harmonies push to raise the song above the mainstream, creating one of the finest independent releases you’ll hear this year.

You can tune in to ‘Let Get High’ below via Spotify or find it as part of our official rap and hip-hop playlist alongside some stunning new singles from around the world.

A definite artist to watch, ‘Let Get High’ is a strong illustration of Tyson’s style and talents, and with it just being his debut, we’re sure there will be plenty more bangers to come. You can find ‘Let Get High’ on Spotify and Apple Music now, and be sure to check out Tyson on his social media pages so you never miss a beat.

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