Loud Lemons – ‘She’s On My Team’

When we first hear of Loud Lemon’s he was riding high on the release of ‘Angels Groove’, a fierce new single that soundtracked September and shone as unique hybrid of pop and RnB. A disarming and wonderfully captivating single, ‘Angels Groove’ rang with charm and sincerity, while all the while introducing us to the expansive creative world of Loud Lemons. Now, the self-declared ‘absurdist prototype of Disco-Dub’ is back with another massive single, and he’s brought the unimitable Bérod with him.

Titled ‘She’s on My Team’, the new single continues to add new zest and well-being to our modern pop world, blending vulnerability with elegance into an unmissable musical experience. After meeting in Berlin, Loud Lemons and Bérod were practically destined to record a song together, and with the help of Charles Leblanc on keyboards, and Shamime Garenne who provided the melody for the chorus, they brought ‘She’s on My Team’ to life. A song about the fragile relationship that exists between an artist and his muse, it’s quickly become one of this year’s most expressive and instantly appealing pop releases, offering a truly evolved sound that borrows from RnB, soul, and contemporary jazz, while also fiercely clinging to a universal pop aesthetic.

A quickfire release, ‘She’s on My Team’ wastes no time in making itself heard, building quickly into a straight-to-the-point, three-minute epic that revels in simple, but effective instrumentals and Bérod’s elegantly produced vocals. Quirky, engaging, and impossible to deny, there’s magic hidden within the flowing beats of ‘She’s on My Team’, and as each chorus washes over you, you can feel yourself slip further and further into the shimmering, indie-pop sounds.

You can stream ‘She’s on My Team’ below via Spotify, as well as on our latest Spotify playlists.

Arguably one of the most intriguing and impressive indie-pop singles of the year, ‘She’s on My Team’ is a perfect introduction to both Loud Lemons and Bérod, as well a stunning showcase of true collaborative spirit. Available now on all major platforms, it’s essential new listening for any fan of modern pop or dreamy indie vibes.

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