UK/Australian-based duo YONDER showcase their talents with new single ‘Fading Out’

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A talented duo who have been gaining recognition for their dreamy blend of indie rock and golden age Brit-pop, YONDER are back with a brand new single. The first release the band have written as a ‘remote collaboration’, ‘Fading Out’ is another blissfully melodic piece, packed with flowing, emotive textures and spacious guitars.

Instantly captivating, the new single seamlessly blends styles and sounds, building on previous singles as YONDER elevates their sound perfectly. Through glistening electronic influences, soaring guitars, and vibrant melodies, the brothers of Dan and Alex Lisle create a rich, emotive cut that stands tall as one of their best. Speaking about the new single, they explained, “We wanted to go for an energetic and uplifting vibe with the track. We enjoy big spacey guitars and euphoric melodies and hope to have reflected this through this track. Heartbreak would be the event which inspired this track.”

Through the luscious arrangement, the brothers craft a reflective, yet intimate sound that is anchored by personal experiences. It’s an honest look into heartbreak and moving past relationships, with the song contrasting stunning instrumentals with more stark, introspective lyrics. The duo add, “The track is about holding onto a previous relationship, in the possibility that things will get better and eventually coming to accept that this is the way things have to be for the better. The feelings are 'fading out', you are healing and becoming stronger in the process. In regards to the style of the track, we've gone for an uplifting, euphoric mood to juxtapose the song’s origin.”

Demonstrating how technology can be a powerful tool for musical collaboration, YONDER have overcome their separation to create something truly mesmerizing in ‘Fading Out’. As well as sharing musical influences, the duo have artfully showcased their own creative styles, reflecting this diversity in a rich and eclectic sound which we feel resonates. 

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