Victoria-based indie rockers r.mason explores the complexities of love in 'Velvet Shade'

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Victoria's indie rock outfit r.mason reveals their new single 'Velvet Shade', a deeply personal exploration of the many ways we experience and express love.

At the heart of r.mason is the creative synergy between Rebecca Mason (singer-instrumentalist) and Jonathan Blokmanis (guitar). Their music intertwines soulful songwriting with an adventurous soundscape. 'Velvet Shade' embodies their signature style, blending moments of lightness and tension, desperation and a sense of transcendence.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the single, Rebecca Mason explains, "For years I have hated the way other people love - from my father to friends to lovers. Their love doesn't always look the way mine does, and like all other vibrations from our human feelings, I am fascinated by this. Through this song, I am trying to accept the way other people love, and not turn my back on it."

Rebecca's musical journey began at just four years old when songwriting became her expressive outlet. Shaped by a diverse mix of influences - nostalgic church melodies, poetic songwriters like Bob Dylan, powerful vocalists like Lana Del Ray, and even classical figures like Eric Satie - her songs have evolved into poignant reflections.

The r.mason project beautifully merges Mason's textured vocals with intricate guitar work, electronic elements inspired by classical music, and rhythmic beats. The result is an immersive listening experience that captures the emotional depth of their creations.

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