Volker Milch - 'Welcome to My Playhouse (Remix)'

An independent solo project bringing unique electro-pop sounds to mainstream audiences, Volker Milch is a listening experience like no other. Relying on English-speaking samples to complete his vibrant cuts, Volker Milch has been championing electronic pop since 2015, refining a sound that was heavily inspiried by the electronic music of the '80s.

For their latest release, Volker Milch have remixed Skull Smith's 'Welcome To My Playhouse', transforming it into an electropop-pearl that is as light-footed and thoughtful as the original, while also wonderfully refreshing. A brilliantly emotive piece, the remix adds new weight to Smith's lyrics, with the artist reflecting on his life, and observing, "Take a stone weighing you down, to the highest mountain in the galaxy, consider shoving it down and then you will see, now you're in my playhouse!" 

Along with the new single, Volker Milch's music has found acclaim onvarious radio stations and on streaming portals across the globe. The single 'Emotion' is easily the most successful so far, with over 43,000 streams on Spotify alone. The music moves predominantly through the genres of vibrant indie and evolving electro-pop, with the band pushing their sound through more guitar-heavy rhythms in recent months.

You can find the first two albums from Volker Milche, 'Endlich' and 'Lautlos' on Bandcamp, while more of their music is available now on all major platforms, including SoundcloudYoutube, and Spotify.

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