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Link&Chain – ‘Guide Me Jah’

  • 2 min read

A band that has been responsible for some of the freshest reggae tracks of the modern era, Link&Chain have been championed all across the globe, earning accolades and making their mark with a brilliant string of releases. After first appearing on our radar with the release of ‘Ready’ in April of last year, they’ve continued to impress, and today, we’re proud to champion their latest single, the undeniable ‘Guide Me Jah’.

A band of brothers from the sun-kissed shores of Jamaica, Link&Chain has been writing songs and harmonizing together for decades. The group first came together in 1986, arriving as a trio that has stood strong together ever since. The newest member of the group is Oneil Griffiths who joined in 2015, completing the current line-up and adding his own flair to the collective. Inspired by their Rastafari faith, the band have continued to write their own unique spiritual, danceable music, pushing the boundaries in an effort to uplift, educate, and entertain in equal measure.

Featuring textured vocals, layered choir backing and the simple, organic presence of old school reggae, ‘Guide Me Jah’ is wrapped in heart, soul and plenty of faith, uniting a poetic and memorable progression with plenty of humble joy. Beautifully performed, with leaning towards more vibrant pop aesthetics, everything about the new cut is catchy and accessible, creating a stream of intimate moments that hit you right in where it’s needed most.

Supported by the flowing instrumentals, the song often speaks for itself, blending the band’s faith and spiritual nature with their artistic abilities, and offering lines like, “Jah we need you now more than ever. The forces of evil are growing stronger and stronger. In this time of uneasiness, no one knows what tomorrow gonna bring. Joy or sadness. we do need guidance in our going out and coming. Blessed Love!”

With a nostalgic air that flows through each element of the track, ‘Guide Me Jah’ is another great example of how Link&Chain are keeping reggae alive and maintaining their creative edge. With a wonderfully recognisable style, faultless delivery, and a wonderfully powerful message, the new single is not just for reggae fans, but for anyone and everyone who needs it.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Jah Guide Me’ is a release not to be missed or taken lightly, and it stands strong as a testament to the band’s enduring abilities.

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