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Voyager - ‘Out of the House’

  • 2 min read

Just last month we were contacted by Voyager, an incredible artist who has been making his marking in the deep house world. At just nineteen years of age, Voyager has spent the majority of his life pursuing music as his passion, and after impressing us with the release of previous single ‘green fields, he’s back with the brand new ‘Out of the House’.

As with the previous single, ‘Out of the House’ arrives as part of a larger release that Voyager has named ‘Lost Files’, a title that aptly captures the story behind the record. As he explained in our last interview, the journey to releasing the new album has been a difficult one, “[...] about a month ago my laptop was stolen with all my projects, music and progress on it, this track along with the rest of the album, are the sound files that I happened to have on my phone."

Inspired by artists like Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, Björk, JPEGMAFIA, Death Grips, C418 and Vegyn, Voyager has carved out an impressive niche within the industry, and his latest single is another impressive example of why he is becoming an artist to watch. Taking shape from a carefully curated mix of rhythmic beats and bright 8 bit sounds, ‘Out of the House’ chimes with an enjoyable house feel, taking hold and flowing enjoyable with cosmic grooves.

It’s a sound that Voyager worked hard to create, as he shared, “Overall I believe this is one of my catchiest tracks to date with distinct House grooves and melodies, but with a few personal touches making it a significant sonic turning point in the album it's part of. Regarding this track and the album itself, there's something we’ve all heard before but I've personally heard a lot from a friends dad which is, ‘Less is more’ and I think that encapsulates a lot of the intentions and ideas in this album, making it for enjoyment rather than the illusion that it's all there to impress someone.”

The release of ‘green fields’ and ‘Out of the House’ sees Voyager adding new chapters to his unfolding journey, and they set an incredibly high standard for the upcoming album. While built from salvaged files, the album still stands as one of the year’s most entrancing releases, as Voyager explained, “I guess you could call this album "unfinished" but that doesn’t really mean anything so I just want people to experience it and interpret as they will, overall I love this and I love you, thank you.”

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