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WARJO – ‘Devil In Her Heart‘

  • 2 min read

When we first met Keith Warren, the beating creative heart behind the WARJO moniker, 2021 was just getting underway and a new roster of musicians were looking to make themselves known. Rising above the competition with a refreshing rock anthem that hit with a fine twist of psychedelic joy, WARJO set the standard, championing inclusivity and diversity through his unique collaborative spirit and endless passion for classic alt-rock spaces. While initially a project where Keith could explore new sounds, WARJO has grown to become a safe creative space where new musicians can share in the spotlight, and while ‘Twilight’ might have first introduced us to this idea, its new single ‘Devil In Her Heart’ that perfects it.

Written and produced by Keith, and the first original track since ‘Twilight’, ‘Devil In Her Heart’ lingers with the same shifting eclectic energy that made WARJO’s debut so immersive, while at its core, it remains perfectly poised and ready to take on the world. Inspired by ‘Blackstar’ era Bowie and an echo of Elvis Costello, there is a timeless, almost cinematic quality to the new single that mingles perfectly with Keith’s raw, expressive vocals, hitting hard and making a mark that you won't forget any time soon.

A journey that will see you changing with each passing bar, ‘Devil In Her Heart’ is an impressive step forward for WARJO, both musically, and creatively, and his newfound focus on narrative and personal connections works brilliantly to amplify the single’s charm. As Keith explained, “The starting point of the song is much different than where the song ends up. Making this piece a bit of a journey was very important for me”.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Devil In Her Heart’ is a worthy successor to WARJO’s debut single, as well as another strong showing of talent that he can build a career on. Tune in below via Spotify, or head over to our annual Spotify playlist with you can stream ‘Devil In Her Heart’ alongside a maelstrom of other massive releases from the year so far.

Along with the release of ‘Devil In Her Heart’, WARJO has also put together a special playlist featuring all the artists that influenced its creation, including Bowie, Elvis Costello, Sting, and more. Make sure you also follow WARJO on Facebook and YouTube below so you can catch ‘Devil In Her Heart’ and all his upcoming releases.

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