SYS Guap – ‘Like Me’

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, SYS Guap developed a passion for music early in life, taking lead from some of hip-hop’s greatest talents like Rakim, Nas, The Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, and 50 Cent, among others. After moving to Las Vegas at the age of fifteen, SYS Guap kept on defining his own style, jamming with his friends throughout his school life and performing in various stage shows in and around the city, before taking the bold step of releasing his own original music.

An independent artist through and through, SYS Guap’s sound is defined by his growth as an artist and a human being, rising from the Detroit streets to become one of the genre’s most promising talents. After officially beginning his career in 2019 with the breakthrough single ‘Faded Days’, and the subsequent album, ‘It Was Written, Vol. 1’, SYS Guap made his intentions clear, delivering an autotuned approach to modern trap that shone with a spaced but melodic flow and plenty of charisma. Fast-forward a few years, and SYS Guap is now ready to set fire to 2021, launching himself back into the spotlight with the release of his critically acclaimed new single, ‘Like Me’.

A massive new track that is undercut by a nuanced emotive sound, ‘Like Me’ continues SYS Guap’s journey through the trials and tribulations that made him. Hitting with slow, rhythmic beats and an ensnaring laid back style, the new cut flows perfectly with SYS Guap’s hard-hitting vocal delivery, smooth flow, and catchy lyrics, ensuring that even the most critical of hip-hop fans will find something to love.

Speaking candidly about his music, SYS Guap explained, “Music comes naturally to me. I’m very spiritual so I’m completely in tune with the music. I want to tell my fans and my people that knowledge is power accessible to the world, so as we get wiser, we can make the world better”.

A raw release that is drawing praise from all around the globe, ‘Like Me’ proves that SYS Guap is the real deal. Check it out above via YouTube or find it now on all major platforms. For more from SYS Guap, make sure you follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify below.

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