Whiskey Class – ‘I Just Rule’

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A band who first made their appearance on the main stage of the Alaska Folk Festival, Whiskey Class have become a fixture of the state’s indie-folk scene ever since their acclaimed debut album, ’48 Hours’ arrived in 2019. Armed with a unique style that perfectly layers deep electronica with acoustic jazz, the duo have become synonymous with blurring musical genres and creating truly original pieces, and with their new single ‘I Just Rule’, they’ve proved their talents beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Born and raised in the lush coastal rainforest of Southeast Alaska, Whiskey Class first came to be when Patrick Troll of Ketchikan and Liz Snyder of Juneau met during their high school years. After forming an immediate bond over their shared musical taste, it wasn’t long before they decided to form a band, and in the Spring of 2012, they brought Whiskey Class into being. Blending a folksy singer-songwriter vibe with deep layers of electronica, a sprinkle of acoustic jazz and some seriously funky bass lines, they’ve constantly defied classification, ensuring that any single they release is sure to be an adventure.

In ‘I Just Rule, the band have unleashed a sharp, introverted anthem, conjuring up a deft blend of rhythmic sounds that hit in waves and showcase the joys of staying home. As Patrick Troll and Alex Nelson deliver on keys and bass, Liz delivers a brilliant vocal experience, crooning with lines like “It’s not that I hate you, I just rule” in the chorus and channelling her inner wallflower.

Filled with heart, soul, and plenty of relatable moments, ‘I Just Rule’ is a perfect follow on from the band’s album, and a powerful statement of intent. Check it out below via Spotify.

Along with the new single, Whiskey Class have also revealed details of their new EP, which is set for release this Fall on No Trend Records. Featuring six original tracks that will be filled with tight grooves, layered harmonies and soul-soothing vibrations, it’s a release that we’ll be eagerly waiting for.

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