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Whxte Hxrt – ‘Bumper Carts’

  • 2 min read

A rising rap talent who finished 2020 with over 178,000 streams to his name, Whxte Hxrt has become one of the most hotly anticipated talents in Ontario’s independent hip-hop scene. Inspired by the golden age of hip-hop after discovering Big L when he was just fourteen years old, Whxte Hxrt has spent the last few years refining his skills and paving the way for a legacy of his own, hitting out with sharp tracks like ‘Bumper Carts’.

Combining elements of boom-bap, jazz, and lofi to create his own unique style, Whxte Hxrt’s music is an unparalleled listening experience that is inspired by his own experiences and emotions. Delivering a bold, authentic sound that builds perfectly on his predecessors, while also ringing with his own refreshing and fiercely modern style.

A perfect example of his sound, ‘Bumper Carts’ arrives as Whxte Hxrt’s latest, and arguably more accomplished, single to date. Armed with a raw, self-assured flow that sees the young rapper delivering a relentless stream of self-aware verse that reflects his life and scene, Whxte Hxrt makes his mark in style. Musically, he delivers a tight-knit weave of melodic, lofi beats and immersive audio samples that drift in and out of focus, layering a perfect foundation for his lyrics, while staying true to his DIY roots.

Available now on Spotify, and as part of our official annual playlist, ‘Bumper Carts’ is an artful blend of old school style and new school energy, offering a deft glimpse into the future of the rap game.

An uncompromising introduction to Whxte Hxrt, ‘Bumper Carts’ is a single that breaks the mould and cuts its own impressive path, but after all, that’s what Whxte Hxrt is all about. Along with his latest single, and a string of other impressive cuts that he’s released throughout 2021, Whxte Hxrt has also collaborated with the likes of The Cheapest Wrestler Matt Saxon, who was featured on TLC’s show ‘Extreme Cheapskates’ as the cheapest wrestler in the world.

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