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Wide Ribbon Flame – ‘Out to Sea’

  • 2 min read

The new music project from Long Beach Shortbus’ former manager and One Draw’s ex-guitarist, Wide Ribbon Flame has recently released his debut single, ‘Out to Sea’, breaking away from the dub sounds of the past and looking to a new rock sound. Harking back to the age of rough-and-ready college band blues, it’s an invigorating introduction to the guitarist’s newest musical project.

An engaging debut, the new single sees Wide Ribbon Flame revelling in timeless blues-rock sounds that shake with an undeniable DIY edge, catapulting the new musical venture into the spotlight. Built on waves of electric guitar and rambling country rock vibes, ‘Out to Sea’ is an engaging and off-kilter blend of styles that portrays the new and wonderfully authentic sound that Wide Ribbon Flame is pushing.

Filled with rustic, rasping vocals that rally around their own unique sense of harmony, the song calls out with wistful enthusiasm, searching for answers and guidance with lines like “If you want me to stay, why’d you beg me to leave?”. A shifting blend of clashing melodies and genres, ‘Out to Sea’ is a lo-fi slice of rattling sounds and emotive lines, capturing a piece of golden age nostalgia and presenting it for the world to enjoy.

Available now to stream on Spotify, the new single if a far cry from the reggae-infused sound of One Draw, but it’s all the more captivating for it. Leaning on a visceral sound that speaks directly to the listener, ‘Out to Sea’ is a brave release that will surely start an impressive new chapter in Wide Ribbon Flame’s musical journey.

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