Melany Thompson - 'While It Rains'

After starting piano lessons at the young age of four, Melany Thompson fell in love with timeless instrument. With a childhood spent performing in music eisteddfods and recitals, including a performance at the Sydney Opera House, it was only natural that she would follow her musical passion later in life. While Melany had always preferred to play for pleasure, rather than for fame or fortune, the call to record an album and pursue a music career became all too hard to ignore.

Released in 2019, ‘Memories of Home’ marked Melany’s first foray into music, arriving as a beautiful collection of peaceful and evocative piano pieces. Recorded in the picturesque Blue Mountains where Melany grew up, the album was a heartfelt dedication to her family, as well as a powerful illustration of her classical sound. After following the album with the delicate ‘On My Mind’, Melany had well and truly proved her talents, creating a timeless, classical sound that shone with truth and authenticity.

Now, Melany is back with her latest release, the gorgeous ‘While It Rains’. A double single that features two unique versions of the track, ‘While It Rains’ is another touching release, as well as her first release with Yellow Rose Records, a local label who are part of the Valley View Records Family here in Australia. A wonderfully reflective piece, the new single is built upon a gentle, calming melody that finds balance with every note, bringing to light a serene, piano-driven composition that resounds with an infinite energy.

Written shortly after Australia was gripped by devastating bushfires, ‘While It Rains’ is a song that symbolises growth and new beginnings, capturing the sense of hope that all Australian’s clung to in that terrible time.

Recorded on acoustic grand piano as ‘felt piano’, the single is a perfect introduction to Melany’s sound for those not yet acquainted, as well as an uplifting continuation of her journey for ardent fans. Stream both versions above via Spotify and be sure to follow Melany on her social media pages below so you never miss a release.

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