Yyo - ‘Love To See You Cry’

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A talented musician who began his journey into music at the tender age of five, Yyo was first inspired when watching Enrique Iglesias’ music video for ‘Nunca te olvidaré’. With his passion ignited, Yyo began carving out his own inspiration journey, building a sound that has been lovingly influenced by his diverse cultural background, along with modern pop acts like the Backstreet Boys, West Life, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarckson, and many, many more.

After beginning to write original songs at the age of thirteen, Yyo has continued to build and develop his sound, boldly stepping into the spotlight earlier this year with the release of two stellar singles titled ‘Sin Ti’ and ‘Stay The Night’. It’s his most recent single that has truly caught our ear however, an emotive rock track that artfully reflects the pain, struggle, and devastation that lies at the heart of every infidelity and break-up.

Sharing a name with a classic from Yyo’s biggest inspiration, ‘Love To See You’, Yyo’s latest single is a driven rock anthem that stands firm alongside Enrique’s own. Opening with a searing guitar line, Yyo’s new single hits with instant energy, carving out a powerful platform for his smooth, emotive vocals. It’s a powerful pairing that lands as a hallmark of classic rock ballads, and Yyo makes it work almost perfectly. Through his lyrics and delivery, he showcases a vulnerability and pain that slowly transitions to anger, and final acceptance, moving through the powerful emotional journey that comes with facing a loved one’s infidelity.

Cloaked in some powerful rock anthemics, Yyo has done an impressive job balancing raw emotion and accessible rock sounds, delivering a song that shines with heart and a true cinematic quality. It’s a song that progresses with purpose, reflecting the full spectrum of emotions felt by Yyo, as he explained, “Sadness has inspired me a lot. When I write a song, I feel like I can be myself. I'm the owner of my own world. I don't have to experience a situation to feel what others who have experienced it may feel. Sometimes I feel that my emotions are too raw.”

He continued, speaking about the single, “I wrote it a long time ago, and I put all my heart into it. The funny thing is that I've never been cheated on, at least to my knowledge, nor have I been unfaithful. However, some people close to me have been, and I could feel the energy, the pain, all the emotions of someone who has been cheated on. I ended up feeling the same way and wrote this song that illustrates the feelings of a Yyo hurt by his partner's infidelity and the satisfaction of seeing her cheated on by the guy she'd left me for.”

A strong release that highlights Yyo’s talents as a singer and songwriter, ‘Love To See You Cry’ is instantly disarming, and infinitely enjoyable. With more music still to come from Yyo, his latest single sets an impressive platform for Yyo to become a true creative force.

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