J-MILLA - 'Gammon'

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In a year that has seen Australian hip-hop and R&B music continue to change its face when it comes to the emergence of a new wave of superstars, none has made the ferocity of impact in recent months like J-MILLA. 

2023 has proven to be a touchstone year for the young Adelaide-based, Darwin performer, who has garnered national attention through spirited music in ‘NICEST’ and the hugely successful ‘On My Soul’ – the latter of which propelled J-MILLA further onto national and international radars, attracting Australian industry-wide praise via triple j, Triple J Unearthed and Acclaim, as well as a co-sign from U.S. hip hop DJ and radio personality Ebro Darden, via his Apple Music 1 show, The Ebro Show.

Now, as summer approaches, J-MILLA is showing no signs of slowing down, announcing the release of his new single, ‘Gammon’. The first of an exciting home run of releases for 2023, ‘Gammon’ capitalises on the positive energy spurred on by ‘On My Soul’, further demonstrating J-MILLA’s natural talents as a performer and moreover, his continued journey towards realising his full artistic potential.

‘Gammon’, at its core, is simply fun; an avenue for J-MILLA to flex and flourish within an expertly produced arrangement, courtesy of Hxwly Beatzz. Says J-MILLA of the genesis of the new single, "I just threw this song together, had some fun with it because I love the word, have used it all my life and I wanted to pay homage to it. It’s a funny thing; this song [it] comes off as ‘arrogant’ but it’s not, because “I’m Gammon”. Gammon means ’not true’, tongue in cheek vibes. The interesting thing was that I wasn’t sure if it was spelt as Gammin or Gammon - is it “in", or is it "on”. I put it to poll on my ‘gram and it came back as Gammon - it’s an “on”. The split was 47% for Gammin and 53% for Gammon.”

The release of ‘Gammon’ heralds the beginning of a busy final chapter of 2023 for J-MILLA, who will spend the rest of the year further defining his passionate live shows around the country. 

This November, along with shows announced in QLD and NSW, J-MILLA will make his much-anticipated return to Wadeye  in the Northern Territory for Yidiyi Day, the first festival of its kind to be held in the community, with a lineup featuring J-MILLA and his brother, fellow artist YUNG MILLA; Radical Son, Kootsie Don and more.

Having already pulled off a history-making impact earlier this year, performing in Wadeye as part of Reconciliation Week as part of TikTok’s first ever dedicated live stream event from a remote Indigenous community, J-MILLA’s return to Wadeye is set to be a special event.

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