Forest Claudette Shines Bright with Soulful New Anthem 'Moonlight' and Evocative Video

Breakout alt-R&B artist Forest Claudette has unveiled their latest musical offering, the introspective and groovy single 'Moonlight', alongside a visually stunning and emotionally charged music video that delves into the complexities of identity.

The track, infused with coming-of-age themes and a deep rhythmic pulse, showcases a new chapter in Claudette's artistic evolution. "Ain't no room when I was young, I was hooping, I was fitting right in," they croon over a backdrop of guitar strums and tropical percussion. The chorus erupts with raw honesty as Claudette declares, "I been thinking 'bout moonlight, I been thinking 'bout the boys in my life again / it's not like me to be keeping quiet, no silence." This vulnerability, woven into undeniable melodies, is a hallmark of Forest's captivating songwriting.

Directed by Quinn Cavin, the accompanying video paints a vivid picture of transformation and self-discovery. A reserved Forest sits before a TV, mesmerized by their alter ego on screen – a flamboyant figure adorned in full hair, costume, and makeup. The contrast between the two versions of Forest highlights the journey towards self-acceptance and the embracing of one's true identity.

In sharing the inspiration behind the song, Forest reveals, "Four years ago, I saw the film Moonlight for the first time, and it changed my life. Afterward, I picked up my guitar, and this idea sort of poured out of me. I’d never felt like I had the space to hold that side of myself before, and even still, it's taken all this time to feel comfortable, safe, and secure enough to share it with the world." The song takes on an even deeper meaning as Forest's parents contribute strings to the track, a testament to their unwavering love and support.

'Moonlight' marks Forest's first release since the 'Jupiter' EP and follows a string of notable collaborations and critically acclaimed projects. With a series of captivating live performances under their belt, Forest is set to grace the stage at Melbourne's Chapel Off Chapel on June 28th, before embarking on a tour supporting Omar Apollo in July.

As one of 2024's most promising emerging artists, Forest Claudette continues to impress with their thought-provoking lyrics, infectious melodies, and artistic vision. 'Moonlight' is a testament to their growth as a musician and a poignant reflection on the complexities of self-discovery.

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