Soulmates Drift Apart in Asbjørn and Brimheim's Electrifying New Single, 'New Moon, Same Old Me'

Danish alt-pop powerhouses Asbjørn and Brimheim have joined forces in a smouldering new single, 'New Moon, Same Old Me', a track that crackles with the tension of two soulmates drifting apart under a warm summer night. The duet marks a significant milestone in the pair's decade-long friendship, which began when they met as students at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus in 2012.

Asbjørn and Brimheim, who once graced the cover of GAFFA magazine's queer issue together, have found a unique bond in their shared experiences navigating the music industry.

"We have both carved out our own space in the pop industry and given the middle finger to a lot of conventions," says Asbjørn. "That can be a lonely position and we found a much-needed mirror in each other."

Brimheim echoes this sentiment, describing the creative process behind the song as a return to their teenage years, filled with late-night conversations, ambitious projects, and a deep connection.

'New Moon, Same Old Me' is the third single from Asbjørn's highly anticipated album, set to drop in November. The album has been produced by Asbjørn in collaboration with Steffen Lundtoft from Lowly and mixed by Rangleklods. It will be released through Asbjørn's own label, Body of Work.

Asbjørn, hailed as one of the most promising international independent artists by Spotify, has already seen his first two singles featured on the platform's major Fresh Finds playlists. He has also received glowing reviews from international blogs like EQ Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, and Queerty.

Meanwhile, Brimheim is currently touring Europe with her award-winning album RATKING, which has been met with critical acclaim from outlets like KEXP and Clash Magazine.

Fans can catch the duo's electrifying live performance of 'New Moon, Same Old Me' at Roskilde Festival on Saturday morning, July 6th at 1:45 AM on the Gloria stage (billed as part of the Friday, July 5th program).

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