An Interview with Joshua Turchin

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Los Angeles-based multi-hyphenate entertainer Joshua Turchin is set to release his latest single 'Ballad of The Seas (The Pirate Song)' on August 11th this year, and to celebrate, we thought it would be the perfect time to chat with him about the upcoming release.

It's so lovely to speak with you today, thank you for taking the time. When did you first start making music?

"It's so nice to speak with you today, too! I first started writing music when I was around age of five or six. I used to play around on the piano a lot writing melodies or lyrics."

What influences have inspired your sound the most?

"Musicals like Parade and 35MM are some of the biggest influences for my music. I listen to Jason Robert Brown and Sondheim as well."

We're eagerly awaiting the release of your new single, can you tell us a little about the track ahead of its release?

"'Ballad of the Seas' is more of a mystical song, incorporating many instruments in the orchestrations to create a pirate-type of world. It’s a bit musical theater and a bit pop."

Was there a special inspiration for the single?

"I felt like we needed a good pirate song! I’ve actually been working on some new musicals and one of the ideas was about pirates. This song tells one of those stories."

Is there a constant meaning or message behind your music?

"I love to tell stories through song. There isn’t a constant message behind all of my music, like breakups or love songs. I love writing in various styles to help tell lots of different stories or create worlds like in musical theater."

What is your songwriting process, and what is the most important thing when you're bringing a song to life?

"Every song is different. For this song, my songwriting process was more of linear approach. I came up with a story idea, played around with some melodies, wrote the first part of the song, and did some rewrites. Then, I moved onto the next section and so on."

Once the single us out, what's next?

"I’m currently working on some new collaborations and musicals, so stay tuned!"

A few final questions before you go, What advice would you give to new artists?

"Make sure to pace yourself when working on projects, and take time off when you need to!"

What has been your best moment as a musician so far?

"I think my best moment as a musician was being able to play my original musical at the famous New World Stages in NYC!"

What do you like most about playing music?

"Playing music is just a great way to get emotions out, it’s very cathartic. I also love creating, whether its with others or by myself, and I love being able to immerse audiences in music, even just for a bit."

Joshua is taking a departure from his usual sound to take his listeners on a new journey. Ballad of The Seas is a mystical song that follows a pirate captain and his crew while they navigate through rough waters. Written at a time when Joshua was exploring pirate songs, this thrilling single was written in the style of a sea shanty with a hip musical theater vibe.

'Ballad of the Seas' was written and produced by Joshua and recorded in his home studio in New York. For the background vocals, he recruited his extremely talented friends from all around the US. Background vocalists include the voices of Katherine Lynn-Rose, Julia Riew, Noah Sunday-Lefkowitz, Adah Christina, and Peyton Amaral.

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