Mexico’s Dresden open up about their new single ‘Iris’ and performing at their very first festival

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From the wild heart of Guadalajara, Mexico, Dresden is stirring the pot of the city's vibrant music scene. Their sound isn't easily confined to a single genre – it's a captivating blend of jazz, funk, instrumental rock, and even a sprinkle of art rock influences. This unique fusion comes together seamlessly in their latest single, ‘Iris’, the band’s tenth single, and a sonic testament to their ability to push boundaries.

The release of ‘Iris’ marks a significant turning point for the band. It's their tenth single, and it signifies a new chapter filled with accessible and memorable music. Their recent performance at the Green Festival is a nod to just how far the band has come, and so we felt it was only right to track down the band and get to know them a little better.

It's so great to be able to catch up with you, thanks for taking the time to answer some of our questions. Let's dig right into things, when did you first start making music?

“Dresden started in 2020, releasing our first single in November of the same year. In the midst of a global pandemic we originally got together Jean (guitar), Sebas (piano), and Isaí (drums), looking to create music influenced by our own musical tastes which included jazz, instrumental rock, progressive rock, gospel, and funk, among others. As the project developed we added new elements and Elí (sax) and Emiliano (bass) joined the band.”

What inspired you to start your journey into music?

“We wanted to create a project that would achieve a fusion of different genres, creating music that we liked, without creative limitations, and without worrying about breaking structures and rules of how a certain genre should sound.”

You have a sound that combines so many styles and genres, but do you have any influences that have helped define your music?

Our main influences have been other bands and instrumental artists such as BadBadNotGood, Mammal Hands, Alpha Mist, Vulfpeck, Yussef Dayes, and classic jazz legends such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Bill Evans.”

How would you describe your sound?

“Our sound is defined by a fusion of influences from different genres, jazz harmonies, funk grooves, Latin rhythms, and progressive rock structures, seeking to create a layer of elements that come together through accessible and memorable melodies.”

Can you tell us a bit more about your latest single?

“We consider our latest release 'Iris', to be one of our most representative compositions, managing to convey the sound we seek to share through our music. It has a little bit of everything we like: groove between drums and bass, memorable melodies on sax, jazz and funk-influenced accompaniments on piano, and of course guitar and sax solos.”

What was your songwriting process? How did it all come together?

“We followed the songwriting process that we have used throughout the project, where we start with an idea (in this case a chord progression written on piano) and add elements, giving space for each instrument and bringing together our different influences and letting our creative process flow, allowing us to share compositions that we like and that we want to share with others.”

What's the most important thing for you when you're writing a song?

“The most important thing for us is not to have creative limitations and to let any proposed idea flow, trying different ideas and deciding together what to add and take out of the final song. We focus a lot on each member being able to add their own ideas, achieving a collaborative songwriting process between all of us.”

What's next for the band?

“We have several surprises planned for the next few months, we don't want to ruin the surprise yet but we have a collaboration recorded with a local rapper that we admire a lot and we think he adds creative and interesting elements. We are also planning upcoming live events for this year and the release of new music.”

Do you have anything you would like to say to our audience?

“Thank you for all the support you’ve given our project, thanks to you we’ve been able to grow and continue creating music that we are passionate about, both recording and playing live. Over time our audience has grown and we appreciate the support you give to our music and to instrumental music in general.”

A brilliant mix of deep groove and layered instrumental structure tied together through a clear and memorable melody, ‘Iris’ is a brilliant introduction to Dresden for new listeners. With their beginnings in late 2020, Dresden seeks to create a fresh sound that envelops the senses and pushes the instrumental music scene forward, maintaining the integrity of their sound and exploring soundscapes by mixing conventional instruments with elements such as synthesizers and flute, among others.

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