40th Parallel create jazz-inspired shoegaze magic on new single 'Cleaner Air Better World'

The solo project of Fremantle-based multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Staude, 40th Parallel is exploring new sounds and textures, pushing and blending genres and creating his own brand of spaced-out, jazz-influenced alt-rock. With one single already under his belt, debut single ‘Red Gum Pass’, 40th Parallel is set to make waves.

Fusing an otherworldly combination of psychedelic jazz sounds, shimmering shoegaze and a dash of post-punk ethos, ‘Cleaner Air Better World’ meanders with purpose from quiet guitar, continues through lush walls of sound, and finally concludes in an all-out sonic assault powered by wailing saxophone. Not typically closely associated genres, jazz and post-punk were two big influences on both the music and how to express himself truly, with Jeremy citing the contemporary jazz scenes in Australia and the UK (Yussef Dayes, Alpha Mist, Mildlife, Ziggy Zeitgeist), as well as modern punk and post-punk acts (IDLES, The Murder Capital, Fontaines D.C.).

“In terms of songwriting themes, I often tend to write about the places I’ve been on my travels and how they relate to my relationships, thoughts, feelings, concerns and situations,” Jeremy explains. “This is my first proper attempt at creating music that fuses elements of jazz and alt-rock together to create a melancholic and interesting sound and something that fully represents my feelings. The song is essentially about my experience travelling to places like Tasmania, Norway and New Zealand, and then returning home. I felt trapped, suffocated and uninspired. I experienced a lot of frustration in wanting to leave, but not wanting that desire to affect my relationship. There’s a better world out there with cleaner air, and I want to be there, but I have to wait in order to keep what’s important. I want it to represent my frustration and gratefulness simultaneously.”

Cutting his teeth with his previous project Spacedive, Jeremy was no longer enjoying the band’s direction and so decided to start over with a new live band, new style, and wholly new approach. He put together a crack team of musicians to help flesh out the ideas in his head and breath some life into the new songs in a live setting; Jimmy Gilbert(Keys/Synth), Sandro Genovese (Bass), and Josh Marshall (Drums). And although still a solo project, Jeremy admits having such a solid live band behind him has led to increased collaboration.

The track was recorded and mixed between the home studios of Jeremy and producer Jack Seahin Fremantle and Albany, WA. between August 2023 and January 2024, with mastering done by Broderick Madden-Scott.

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