ABELA fuses gritty rock and heartfelt soul with social conscience on 'What Is It Like'

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A vibrant creative force based in Stockholm, ABELA isn't just another pop-rock icon in the making - she's a bold catalyst for change. A fiery and independent artist with a talent for blending unique pop and rock sounds with unflinching lyrics, she delivers an unforgettable experience infused with a potent dose of social awareness.

With songwriting tips directly from great songwriters such as Max Martin, Ludvig Göransson and Lykke Li, ABELA has become a refreshing and uncompromising voice in the music scene. With her influences shining through in her ability to craft raw, heart-wrenching songs that resonate on a deeply personal level, ABELA is an artist to watch.

Her latest single, 'What Is It Like', ABELA delivers a sonic punch to the gut wrapped in a deceptively catchy pop-rock package. Her signature vocals cut through the mix, bringing life to her lyrics that question the privilege of those who've never experienced the fear of harassment or assault. Musically, ABELA is backed by a pulsing beat and gritty guitars, offering a perfect platform for her sound and reflecting simmering anger beneath.

Speaking about the new single, ABELA shared, "With this song I want to make the listener reflect on their privileges. This song is for those who joke about other people's experiences of unwelcome touching, for those who have never had to plan an entire evening out according to how they will later be able to get home safely. To those who have never had to walk with key in hand, ready to defend themselves from a danger that can appear out of nowhere. To those who can make their problems disappear by opening their wallet or making a few phone calls. And to those who believe they have the right to decide over other people's bodies, and how others should live their lives."

She continued, "In a world where abortion rights and the right to love whoever we want are constantly on the agenda again and again, when it feels like development is going backwards instead of forwards, I felt that I had to contribute in my own way. With this song I encourage reflection on privilege, maybe we can find our compassion for other people again?"

With her highly-anticipated debut album, slated for an April 2024 release, promises to cement her status as an essential voice. ABELA has been recognized by Swedish and Finnish radio stations, named a "One to Watch" artist, and even landed on Spotify's New Music Friday Finland playlist.

ABELA's artistry goes beyond catchy hooks and electrifying stage presence. Her music serves as a platform to challenge social complacency. With her latest song, she targets the privilege of those who trivialize the experiences of others, particularly the ever-present threat of harassment and assault. She speaks for those forced to constantly strategize their safety, to those denied bodily autonomy.

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