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We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Aberdeen's French For Something debut fiery political single, ‘What's Coming Next?’

  • 2 min read

The UK’s alternative rock scene has been kicked into gear with the release of French For Something’s debut single ‘What’s Coming Next?’ A dynamic five-piece that draws inspiration from a broad range of genres, the band have perfectly illustrated their expansive and refreshing style.

With earthy lyrics and driving guitars that weave seamlessly with a tight rhythm section, French For Something’s music has a bold, refreshing edge that puts them at the forefront of the music scene. While the band may be new, having been formed just a few months ago, ‘What's Coming Next?’ showcases a maturity well beyond their age.

The song penned roughly two years ago, takes a fiery swing at the UK's Tory government, laying bare their failings from the perspective of the working class. In it, the band public. Liam of the band shared, “It is quite a political song as it is about the Tory government in the UK and how they are having such a negative impact on working-class people and only looking out for themselves while pretending that they actually care about the country as a whole. Especially the chorus lyrics "everyone is falling now, everyone is crawling now, they’re on their hands and knees, they're dragging us down’ how they are crippling the country and working-class people are being punished the most.”

In a world of sanitised pop and derivative rock, French For Something delivers a refreshingly raw authenticity laced with a funky edge. Their debut is a rallying point for listeners fed up with the status quo and a powerful call to action for their fans.

It's clear that French For Something won't be content to churn out formulaic tracks, and with ‘What's Coming Next?’ they've definitely put the music scene on notice. As the new single makes its mark, you can expect a lot more from French For Something in the future.

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