OK Doomer makes his promising debut with 'Rivers Cuomo'

  • 1 min read

Rising alternative artist and songwriter Lou Doyle, known by his musical moniker of OK Doomer, has delivered an introspective debut single brimming with promise. Released on independent label Therapy Dogs, 'Rivers Cuomo' artfully revisits the pain associated with the loss of a formative teenage friendship.

Balancing poignant, personal lyrics that reflect the bittersweet experience of watching a friend move overseas, OK Doomer's debut is sweeping indie rock done just right. The lyrics are honest and expressive, backed perfectly by Doyle's gorgeous vocals and a sparse dream-pop aesthetic. Tying it all together, the single boasts meticulous production quality, a testament to the collaboration between the artist and producer Hannes Plattmeier.

Recorded in Hamburg and mastered by the renowned Heba Kadry in Brooklyn, 'Rivers Cuomo' showcases OK Doomer's dedication to sonic excellence. Doyle's raw, beautiful vocals and honest songwriting are defining hallmarks of this promising indie artist, and 'Rivers Cuomo' is a perfect introduction.

Released in partnership with Therapy Dogs, an independent record label based in East London, 'Rivers Cuomo' holds all the ingredients for a vibrant future in music for OK Doomer, one that promises to keep improving, growing, and evolving. With its emotionally resonant themes and polished production, this single marks a powerful debut sure to resonate with listeners.

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