Brett Schieber teases his soul-stirring new album with the release of ‘New Life’

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An independent musician from Atlanta, Brett Schieber is an artist whose music is filled with heart and emotion, balancing bright pop sounds with honest and accessible moments. As one-half of electro-pop duo Arcanum, and as a solo performer, Brett has become a fixture of the independent music scene, and today, he’s shared a seminal new single.

Titled ‘New Life’, Brett’s latest single is an impressive snapshot of his soul-stirring new album, which is set for release in just a few days. Featuring Fulton Lee, the new single embodies courage and challenges listeners to take that leap into the unknown, breaking free and trying something new. A vibrant release that mirrors the album’s evocative blend of rock, pop, and soul, ‘New Life’ is a rich and powerful track that will charm you in an instant.

Speaking about the new single on his Bandcamp page, Brett shared, “This is the title track from my forthcoming full-length album of the same name. "New Life" has mellow verses followed by a big, bright explosion of a chorus. Fulton Lee, with his disco-like and soulful falsetto, sings lyrics about walking up to the edge of the diving board, looking down, feeling the fear, but having the confidence to jump anyway.”

Hinting about what is still to come from the album, Brett added that it captures a spark, as he explained, "This album has sparked a well of creativity and confidence in me. I'm eager to share it."

Featuring collaboration with artists like Témi, RakJay, and more, the album promises to be a memorable experience offering an honest and inviting blend of sounds that shine with heartfelt moments. You can stream the new single above alongside the new visualiser and keep an eye on Brett’s socials for when the album drops on the 17th of February.

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