Chelsy Kaze shares a gorgeous tale of love across lifetimes in ‘Kings and Queens’

A passionate singer, songwriter, and artist, Chelsy Kaze has been using her music as a powerful vehicle to bring meaning and creativity into people's lives. With an honest and emotive sound that shines with contemporary pop sounds, Chelsy’s music has resonated deep within her fans, creating a powerful sense of unity that builds with every one of her releases.

Her latest single, ‘Kings and Queens’ is a heartfelt new track that sees Chelsy delivering some of her most expressive vocals to date. Built on layers of gentle acoustic guitar and sweeping, tender strings courtesy of cellist Peggy Lee, ‘Kings and Queens’ is instantly arresting, drawing you in while Chelsy delivers the lines, “If I was just guessing, I think that you feel the same way too.” It’s a mesmersing and wonderfully charming single, capitalising on Chelsy’s ability to forge modern pop songs that are both entertaining, and also wonderfully authentic.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the new single, Chelsy explained, “I got the idea of writing ‘Kings and Queens’ when I was binge watching a bunch of movies and shows that revolved around time travel and the possibility of living numerous lives. Then I fell in love with the story of two people who felt an immediate spark, not knowing they have been together in numerous past lives. I made a very brief reference to that whole idea in the song.”

“Overall, it's a song about two people who are longing for each other and neither one knows what the other one feels. They feel so drawn to each other and neither one has a clue as to why. I thought it would be a cool concept if the reason why there's so much pull and familiarity within the connection, was because they're always meant to be together. They don't know that in another lifetime, they were leading empires together. But in this reality, they are complete strangers. Now they're both at a state of confusion, both fearing the unfamiliar and waiting for each other to make that first leap.”

A song that we will be streaming for months to come, ‘Kings and Queens’ is a perfect illustration of Chelsy’s passionate songwriting and dynamic pop sound. For more from Chelsy, including her breakthrough single ‘Invisible’ and her debut album ‘Skyline’, be sure to tune in to her Spotify and socials below.

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