Bye Malo – ‘September’

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A bold new single that is filled with honesty and heartfelt emotion, ‘September’ is a gorgeous introduction to rising singer-songwriter Bye Malo.

Released recently to both fan and critical acclaim, ‘September’ is the first major release we’ve heard from Bye Malo, but it’s not its first foray into the music world. With a string of impressive tracks to his name, dating all the way back to 2020, Bye Malo has already announced himself in perfect form, but on ‘September’, he’s taken things to a whole new level.

Without thousands of streams on Spotify already, and the promise of a new EP to be released later this month, ‘September’ couldn’t come at a better time for either Bye Malo or his audience. Starting off with a simple, but wonderfully effective rhythmic guitar chord, the song hits that balance of subtle, yet sublime, creating a gorgeous impact that only continues to build. As it carries forward, the choruses land with an unforgettably catchy beat and full of feeling.

At its core, the song is wonderfully chilled, creating a laid-back melody that slides into view and then hits hard with a cultivated sense of toxicity in the lyrics, showing clearly that Bye Malo doesn’t want anything serious right now and doesn’t want to fulfil expectations from others. Talking about the track, Bye Malo said: “I’ve had relationships in the past that had expectations which I never wanted to fulfil. I started recognizing that maybe I was sending too many mixed signals in the past. I thought I’d make a song that is really straightforward and clear about my intentions in this stage of my life.”

While some artists paint themselves as the perfect protagonists in their lyrics Bye Malo, opted for self-effacing honesty in his latest single, and it’s all the better for it.

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