The Big Pink – ‘The Love That’s Ours’

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If you think back to the now hazy days of 2009, you’d have been hard pressed to find a bigger anthem than The Big Pink’s ‘Dominos’. A single that launched the band into the public spotlight, it became the perfect illustration of new age indie, capturing a glistening, atmospheric sound that was punctured by calling vocals and tectonic melodies. It’s been thirteen years since that cut and the greater ‘A Brief History of Love’ record made their mark, and while the band quietly released their sophomore album in 2012, we’ve all been hanging on the next big released from The Big Pink.

As 2022 began to break free from the clutches of a global pandemic, The Big Pink resurfaced, bringing with them a flurry of new music, teasing us all with glimpse of a new album. Now, that triumphant third record is finally here, it’s time to see if 'The Love That's Ours’ was worth the wait.

An album that looks to re-establish the band as the indie pioneers they were, ‘The Love That’s Ours’ delivers plenty of the band’s signature sound, while also looking forward into new territory, hinting at new creative energy, while also paying careful homage to that steady, atmospheric path that the band first mapped out. At their core, the songs on the record fit comfortable into the band’s old form, offering a timeless remind of former glory, but there are flickers of fierce originality, where shoegaze and dance sounds collide over raw and emotionally charged melodies.

Featuring contributions from guest artists such as Jamie T, Jamie Hince (The Kills), Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Ryn Weaver, Mary Charteris, and Ed Harcourt, to name a few, the new album isn’t as instantly arresting as their debut, or even their criminally under-appreciated ‘Empire Underground’ EP, but it is a sharp remind of just how impressive and relevant they can be.

Ever since their debut, The Big Pink have set an impossibly high standard, and while ‘The Love That’s Ours’ might fall short for some fans of old, it’s still a wonderfully rewarding listen. Progressive and adventurous, and with enough spine to make itself known, it’s an album well worth exploring.

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