Chael - ‘Never Forget’

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A talented artist who is currently calling Melbourne home, Chael has become a unique force in the alt-pop scene. After making their mark in 2018 when debut single ‘2 AM Love’ gained over 1.2 million streams, Chael has continued to entertain and surprise audiences and critics alike, constantly shifting focus and pushing their sound into unexplored musical territories. Recently, Chael shared their latest single ‘Never Forget’, giving us all a glimpse into their forthcoming record, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it.

The fifth single from the highly anticipated debut album, ‘Never Forget’ is a noticeable change in style from the glistening synths and scintillating pop sounds of previous single ‘Amaretto Sour’, Chael’s latest release opens with a textured acoustic sound, delivering an evocative stream of melancholy guitar the blends with Chael’s vocals. At its heart, the single builds seamlessly to an enchanting pop single, one where the artist can reflect on lessons learned and love lost.

A perfect blending of heartfelt acoustic sounds and more polished pop anthemics, ‘Never Forget’ is a pop single that is made to be heard and appreciated, and Chael has done a stellar job bringing it to life. From the rolling pop melody that collides effortlessly with Chael emotive refrains, to the tender, melancholy balladry that underpins the whole piece, ‘Never Forget’ is a masterclass in letting emotions shine through a song.

Available now, ‘Never Forget’ is another beautiful glimpse of Chael’s tender pop sound and his limitless artistry. Taking lead from previously shared singles like ‘Don’t Move On’, it’s a near-faultless release that deserves all the attention it can get.

Speaking about the new single, Chael shared on his Instagram page, “To all those who have walked the longer road, the kindred spirits met along the way, strangers-turned-friends, and the many lessons learned, may we never forget them.”

Setting an impressive standard for Chael’s debut album, ‘Never Forget’ stands firm as a brilliant single from one of Australia’s most ensnaring pop talents. For more from Chael, be sure to check out his social media pages below, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for when Chael shares his debut album ‘Senti’. 

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