SC4Real - ‘Hypermode’

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Recently, we were introduced to South Carolina native SC4Real, a talented hip-hop producer and artist who had been gaining traction on SoundCloud thanks to his acclaimed mixtape 'Shock Combat'. A unique creative force blending old school anthemics with dynamic synths and his own lyrical prowess, SC4Real shared his debut album 'Hypermode' in 2020, and it's sounding as fresh now as it would have done then.

A release built from twenty invigorating tracks, 'Hypermode' is sharp, evocative, and loud, hitting hard right from the opening track and then never letting up. Showcasing SC4Real's abilities to blend authentic hip-hop sounds with overdriven synth tones, the album cuts a new path that is powerful, original, and theatrical, but still holds firm to its authentic hip-hop roots.

Opening instantly with tracks like 'The Warm Up' and 'Now Or Never', the album leaves little to chance, switching between tight instrumentals and more ethereal, ambient sounds, the first two tracks set the standard, encapsulating the mixed tones and perfect production of 'Hypermode'. As the album continues, SC4Real explores twisted keys in 'Mafia' and rolling bass tones in 'Alive', staying close to his formula, while also infusing every track with something original. Elsewhere on the album, tracks like 'Mamba Mentality', 'Cool Talk', and 'Breakdown' show SC4Real's devotion to his art, peppering the album with contemporary sounds and wilful creativity, while the smooth grooves of 'A Winner's Anthem' and funk aesthetic of 'Black Magic' show that he's not afraid explore new styles.

It's an album of strengths and highlights bound together by SC4Real’s charisma and creativity, and the album delivers so much space and variety that it's easy to get lost in it. Tracks like ‘The Night’ and ‘Hells Kitchen’ stand tall, and it's clear that the artist has taken real care in delivering music that not only illustrates his talents, but also proves that he can stand amongst some of the biggest hip-hop talents of the modern age.

Speaking about the release with Jamsphere, SC4Real shared his vision for the album. “I chose the title Hypermode because I felt like I was gonna take my music to another level and place,” he said, “I challenged myself as a writer and producer to make a ‘complete body of work.” With so many styles, sounds, and skills on show, it’s abundantly clear that SC4Real has done just that.

Another stellar independent hip-hop album that has found its place in musical history, ‘Hypermode’ is a solid and enjoyable release that would feel at home on a major label. A complex, diverse, and invigorating record, it sets the stage for a massive career for SC4Real. Available now on all major streaming platforms, it's an album that deserves to be heard and appreciated.

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