Cinematic pop producer Michael Ellery shares new single 'Save Me' through EVEN

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A massively talented pop producer and artist based out of Perth in Western Australia, Michael Ellery has announced the release of his collaborative new single ‘Save Me’. A gorgeous new cut that sees Michael teaming up with Ty Avery and Jessica Turner, the single is available now exclusively to EVEN, ahead of its official release on all streaming platforms from the 26th of January this year.

A track that was born almost by chance, ‘Save Me’ took shape when Michael began to experiment with more hip-hop vibes, picking at instrumentals that could build into modern rap epics. After refining the foundation of the track, Michael reached out to Louisiana-based, hip-hop and soul sensation Ty Avery, who instantly fell in love with the track. From there, Ty suggested they ask Jessica Turner to lend her vocals to the chorus, adding a final brilliant flourish to the piece.

The result is an instantly spellbinding and perfectly crafted release, one where the weight and power of the music is backed effortlessly by each artist, creating a perfect balance between style and substance. An epic story about breaking through generational trauma, bad habits, and history, and finding freedom in new spaces, ‘Save Me’ is emotive hip-hop and hybrid pop done just right.

The track is available now exclusively through EVEN, a new platform that allows listeners to pay and support every artist directly. Available with a special ‘Pay What You Want’ price, the release comes in four versions with added bonus content for fans who lend their support. The track will also be available on all major streaming platforms from the 26th of January 2024.

Painting a perfect picture of struggle and persistence, and proving that while the pain is real, it can be overcome, ‘Save Me’ is a perfect musical moment where three artists collide to make something truly special. An authentic and instantly relatable release, it’s something all three artists can be incredibly proud of.

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