Zoe Bayani reinvents herself with hauntingly beautiful new single 'My Dog'

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An incredibly impressive artist who has worked hard to carve out her own niche in Atlanta’s blossoming music scene, Zoe Bayani is known for effortless ability to weave elements of pop, Americana, and indie rock together. Celebrated for releases like ‘Cherry Tree’ and ‘Contemplate, Zoe’s introspective lyrics and indie-pop hooks have left thousands enchanted.

With her latest single, simply titled ‘My Dog’, Zoe has built on her dreamy Americana-indie, shifting her focus to deliver some unexpected, but very welcome twists. Through ethereal guitar that drifts in waves, Zoe builds the new single perfectly, cutting into your consciousness with opening lines, “Do I look familiar in your beholding eye? Do you see the beauty that you had known as just a child?"

As the song continues to flow, Zoe moves away from the quiet, poetic approach, adding real intensity and strength to the song through heavier instrumentation and her sharp vocal delivery. Throughout, Zoe maintains a deep emotional weight, capitalising on lines like, "I hope you take it fine, and I'll see you the day my dog dies," with unwavering conviction.

The new cut is the first taste of Zoe's forthcoming debut album, which promises to expand on her musical palette, introducing a more expansive and mature sonic universe. More singles are due to follow in the coming months as Zoe sets the stage for a dynamic and transformative chapter in her burgeoning career.

Speaking openly about ‘My Dog’, Zoe shared, "It started off as a song about my mom and how much I look up to her, but as I kept writing it kind of ended up feeling more dedicated just to people I love." She adds, "I hate taking people's advice, even though I know that my friends and family are pretty much always right," I always end up wanting to be a contrarian, and that's what the actual "dog" ends up representing in the song. It's a metaphor for those bad decisions and judgments you end up sticking with just because someone else told you not to."

A powerful release, ‘My Dog’ sees Zoe emerging as a powerful storyteller and deeply poetic artist, able to infuse her ethereal style with deep, emotional moments and a fearless exploration of styles.

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