Colt Graves – ‘Dirt On Me’

Delivering a massive slice of mainstream country-rock, Colt Graves has returned in brilliant form with the ultimate anthem for positive defiance, 'Dirt on Me’.

Defying country music as we know it, the new age luminary blends a raucous variety of genres and styles into his rough-cut hybrid, adding a dash of his homespun folk storytelling and layers of mainstream pop-rock to make an undeniable new sound. Written by Adam Daugherty, Alan Richeson, Colt Graves, and Jordan Centers, the new single has a classic country vibe throughout which wraps eagerly around Colt’s deep vocals as he divulges a narrative storyline with clear inspirations coming from folk, pop-rock, and classic rock.

His crisp vocals add a sharp, addictive quality to the track as he discusses his feelings and the difficulties he has faced in life. As the track grows, Cold adds in a massive dose of country-rock adding an element of pop-rock as he unleashes his decision to not let others bury him. As the ending nears, the track delves more into straight rock as instrumental sections impress time and time again, creating one of those rare tracks that continuously demands to be heard, no matter how often you listen to it.

Speaking about the new single, Colt explained, “Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, it just isn’t good enough for some people? ‘Dirt on Me’ is for the people living true to themselves and trying to do the right thing, regardless of what anyone else has to say about it. It’s a ‘fed up with the bullshit’ anthem and a call to confident and more prideful arms; you can’t please everyone; the harder you try, the worse you will end up. People are always going to ‘Throw Dirt On You’ and try to drag you down, but positivity always wins, and the best thing we can do is ignore the noise and keep moving forward.”

Sharing a similar production style to ‘Shinedown’, the Owensboro, KY singer-songwriter’s latest country playlist staple fuses folk storytelling with pop hooks, hip-hop cadences, modernist beats, and classic country instruments to an exhilarating effect. After being inspired and mentored by his grandfather, who also happened to be the Bluegrass Hall of Fame Artist Josh Graves, Colt started his solo career in 2021 and quickly found placement on some of the most seminal Country Spotify playlists.

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