Andrew Smith - 'The Garden'

An enthralling expedition through music that beckons listeners to immerse themselves in tender and nostalgic melodies reminiscent of comforting bedtime stories, Andrew Smith's most recent album is an absolute joy to hear

Throughout 'The Garden', Andrew has collaborated with Jonathan Elyashiv, his dear friend and fellow Berklee classmate, masterfully weaves together tales of self-acceptance, friendship, heartbreak, fame, and romance, crafting enchanting musical fables that resonate with audiences of all ages. Through his clever wordplay and a touch of familiarity, Andrew seeks to offer solace to those in search of their true selves and to ignite hope in those embarking on their own personal odysseys.

Among the remarkable tracks on the album, 'Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay"' delves into Andrew's Catholic upbringing as he fearlessly crafts his own prayer, aiming to eradicate shame and embrace liberation. In 'I Don't Wanna Be Famous Anymore', he explores the intricacies of celebrity life, contemplating one's purpose in our ever-evolving social landscape. Elsewhere, 'My Life Is A Movie' reveals Smith's deep affection for cinema and his childlike Spielberg wonder, candidly portraying anxiety and the choice to embrace life to the fullest.

As the album continues, songs like 'Wrinkled' take a more comedic approach as Andrew narrates his journey of coming out and the challenges he faced while residing in his parents' attic during the pandemic, while 'Rockabye 25' reminisces about his first same-sex relationship against the bustling backdrop of New York City. In the closing moments, 'Husband Energy' radiates joy and liberation, celebrating the lives of LGBTQ+ community members and their rightful place in traditional marriage, while the poignant track 'My Neighbor Mariana' showcases Smith's vivid imagination as he weaves a captivating tale about his upstairs neighbors solely based on observations from the street and through the floorboards.

The album culminates with the soul-stirring finale, aptly titled 'The Garden', where Andrew reflects on the dreams of his childhood that remain unfulfilled. Nevertheless, he expresses gratitude for the unwavering support of everyone in his life who has embarked on this musical journey with him, inspiring him to discover his own unique melody.

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