FwJah – ‘D.I.E’

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A young, up-and-coming rapper from Brooklyn, New York, Jahseh Mayers, better known by his stage name of FwJah, has already achieved more than most. A raw talent with plenty to prove, FwJah has exploded onto the independent scene within the past week, delivering a quickfire trilogy of singles that prove his talents beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Among the trilogy of new singles that FwJah has unveiled, the twin singles of ‘Chrome Heart’ and ‘Snooze’ have been heralded by fans as instant classics, but it’s the collaborative cut of ‘D.I.E’ that has really got everyone talking. With over 1,100 streams within its first three days on Soundcloud, the single has become a firm favourite among fans and critics, delivering a relentless slice of modern hip-hop magic.

Built on multi-layered rhythms, rapid beats, and heart-stopping tempos, ‘D.I.E’ is a fierce flurry of creative ideas, raucous execution, and quickfire vocals dripping in autotune. At just one-and-a-half minutes in length, the single is a powerful, but transient release, one that hits you hard with a maelstrom of raw and wonderfully relentless elements. The production is fittingly polished, and the speed hiked up, pushing the song forward with raw power rather than a complex form. A rap anthem that builds into a runaway release ‘D.I.E.’ is FwJah and BabySantana throwing everything they have into one solid track.

Growing up in Brooklyn, FwJah never felt like he really fit in. It wasn’t until he met an online scene of like-minded kids on SoundCloud that he truly blossomed into the young artist he is today. Inspired by the likes of Tupac, Michael Jackson, Lil Tecca and XXXTentacion, FwJah has created a timeless hip-hop sound that taps into a seemingly limitless pool of creativity and passion.

A track that simply demands to be heard, ‘D.I.E.’ is an undeniable release from FeJah and BabySantana, breaking all the rules and delivering a modern rap release like few others. Available now alongside ‘Chrome Heart’ and ‘Snooze’, FeJah’s lead single is a ferocious cut that will have you enraptured.

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