Small Gods - 'Phobos'

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A modern band taking charge of Sydney’s blossoming metalcore scene, Small Gods have arrived with a triumphant, deafening, debut single. Titled ‘Phobos’, the single is the first glimpse into the new outfit, lashing out with an unassailable wave of sound that will appeal to all fans of the genres.

A tight-knit fourpiece emerging from Sydney’s murky undergrowth, Small Gods have quickly developed a penchant for seamlessly blending intricate riffs with atmospheric choruses and uncompromising heaviness, charging the metalcore sound and elevating it well beyond the mainstream. In true form, their debut single delivers a cataclysmic wave of dark, melodic verse, cathartic hooks, and mesmerising passages that stitches together bold passages with authentic, emotional range.

Telling a story of grief and loss, ‘Phobos’ is a force to be reckoned with, blowing out your speakers with a sound that doesn’t just deserve to be heard, it demands it. Arguably one of the most impressive introductions to a band this year, ‘Phobos’ was recorded, mixed and, mastered by Mark Williamson at Keywork Audio.

A single that puts Small Gods up on a similar tier as other local acts like Polaris, Northlane, and Hellions, ‘Phobos’ ensures that the band are one to watch, not just for metalcore fans, but for anyone who likes damn good music. You can stream the new single above alongside the lyric video or find it on Spotify here.

For more, be sure to follow Small Gods on their social media pages below.

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