Grays Days explores new recording process with ‘Sweet Nothings’

An artist who has comfortably stood as one of the Central Coast’s most captivating musical exports, Gray Days took to 2024 in his typically strong and understated form with Break Me Into Pieces’. A textured and wonderfully immersive single, it marked the start of a new chapter for the artist, giving a first glimpse into his upcoming EP, and hinting at new directions in his sound.

A few months on, and Grays Days has now shared another engaging single in ‘Sweet Nothings’, a brilliant new release that sees the artist exploring new recording techniques to elevate his sound. Drenched in reverb and heavy acoustic guitar, the new single is a raw release that blurs the lines between nostalgic indie rock and 90s shoegaze, much in the same way that artists like Blur, Oasis, and The Charlatans have done in the past.

The lyrics are haunting, and vague enough to let your own experiences slip into place, while the rolling acoustic sounds sweep you away through dense, cultivated melodies. There is a sense of familiarity to the song, but also a newfound intimacy and strength, with the sound hitting cresting through warm, droning tones. Speaking about ‘Sweet Nothings’, Gray Days openly shared with us, “Another new song but this one was recorded in a totally different way to all previous releases. Most of the tracks were recorded at home in my little garage studio, then sent to Andrew Crowe in Newcastle where he mixed mastered and produced the rest.”

Backed by Andrew Crowe and Frankie Bouchier’s vocals, along with Kelton Hirst on bass, and Doug Reich-Rimes on drums, the new single is a bold step forward to Gray Days, championing a tantalising and ruminative sound that will carry you away time and time again.

Another impressive glimpse into Gray Days’ upcoming EP, ‘Sweet Nothings’ sees the artist continuing to evolve and expand, taking on new inspirations and embracing new techniques. Available now on all major streaming platforms, the new single is full of charming surprises, hinting not only at the heart beneath the music but also at the potential to come.

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