Queensland's Juwan slides into 2024 with his new single 'Don't Make No Sense'

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Showcasing his unrivalled lyricism, Juwan raps “Everybody wants to be the baddest everybody wants to be the hardest but they don’t wanna be the hardest worker”.

"This kicks off the tone for ‘Don’t Make No Sense’,” Juwan says. “The song tells stories of where I comprised myself in the pursuit living comfortably while trying to just my dreams in music just to be rejected and beef with some local rappers that I looked up to. And now I’ve surpassed them in terms of success. This song is my cheeky way of saying, I’ve been through the fire, but I’ll reap the rewards. And for everyone that doubted, they can have a front-row seat and watch.”

‘Don’t Make No Sense’, produced by frequent collaborator SOLLYY (Becca Hatch, PANIA), is the first release this year from the Queensland native who made a name for himself in 2023 as a voice of a generation with releases such as ‘Mr. If I Don’t Got It (I’ll Get It)’, ‘Something to Prove’ and ‘Vent’.

Juwan is currently signed to Hau Latukefu’s label Forever Ever, a joint venture with Sony Music, proving he's an artist to watch. A titanic single that perfectly follows on from last year's 'Something To Prove', the new cut is Juwan’s way of showing anyone who’s ever doubted him that he’s here to stay.

A product of Māori and Samoan parents from Beach Haven, Aotearoa / New Zealand, Juwan, himself was born in Logan, Queensland and raised on the Gold Coast. He grew up listening to everything from Beach Haven’s own, Sir T, to the young GOAT, J. Cole, to the late great, Nipsey Hussle; absorbing their sounds, lyrics and messages that mixed with his own DNA to create something truly unique.

Adapting naturally to the early years of social media, Juwan expressed that uniqueness through freestyles that were uploaded online and were quickly shared around like the collection plate at church. They were freestyles filled with heart, wit, and conviction, and Juwan became the face of a new breed of MC you knew you had to keep an eye out for.

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