J-Milla Returns with 'Boomerang' – A Powerful Anthem on Karma and Indigenous Culture

Fresh off a string of successes in 2023, Marranungu hip-hop star J-Milla unveils his latest single, 'Boomerang'. The track showcases the artist's evolving lyrical maturity and raw intensity, as J-Milla effortlessly transitions between hard-hitting verses and infectious hooks.

"As soon as I heard the instrumental, I came up with the line, 'What goes around comes around like a boomerang'," J-Milla explains, highlighting the track's central theme of karma. "This gave me inspiration to write the rest of the song based on the effect of Karma...What we release into the universe is what we eventually get back."

'Boomerang' is a unique blend of contemporary production and traditional indigenous instrumentation, incorporating language and Aboriginal slang. Notably, the track features the ethereal voices of the Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir (CAAWC), singing in language from their song 'Mayatja altimani mununi minala'.

"I always wanted some sort of cultural interest as an intro to the song," J-Milla shares. "I love their sound and the melodies they come up with. These ladies are something else, definitely national treasures."

The accompanying music video, directed by Tully Hemsley in Darwin, captures the song's energy with intimate home video-style footage and sweeping shots of J-Milla and his friends on their home turf. "This clip has me go back to my roots in Darwin," J-Milla says. "I also wanted to put a modern lens on the cultural elements, and I feel I’ve done that in a fun way."

With a packed festival schedule and recent recognition as a finalist for Acclaim’s All Stars list, J-Milla is set for an even bigger second half of 2024. He's ready to bring his unique sound to Brisbane’s BIGSOUND festival and SXSW Sydney, further solidifying his place as a rising Australian artist to watch.

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