Noah Vernon Finally Shares His Long-Awaited And Infinitely Rewarding, 'This EP Took 5 Years'

Noah Vernon, the singer-songwriter who has captivated hearts nationwide, has finally released his highly anticipated EP, This EP Took 5 Years' today. Featuring previous singles like 'Donne Darko' and 'In Too Deep!', alongside fresh tracks like 'Double Parked', 'Over Again', and 'Blessed (One Take)', this collection showcases Noah’s undeniable talent and evolution as an artist.

“This project has been a long time in the making as you can see from the title... but it also is about how we as artists/people over analyse and overthink what we do in our lives,” Noah explains. His words resonate with many, capturing the essence of the EP’s journey and the universal struggle of perfectionism.

Noah's exceptional songwriting has earned him a devoted following not only locally but globally. Each track on the EP promises to evoke deep emotions and leave a lasting impact. With 'This EP Took 5 Years', Noah Vernon is set to further cement his place in the music world, offering fans an introspective and melodious journey.

Now that the EP is available, listeners can dive into Noah Vernon's heartfelt artistry and experience the introspective and melodious journey that 'This EP Took 5 Years' promises.

From his early days performing in school concerts and musical theatre to busking with his soulful tunes, Noah has dedicated his life to music. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of pop, folk, rock, and R&B, his songs boast catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics. This unique blend has created a pop sound that is both honest and relatable, striking a chord with listeners on a profound level.

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