John Tibbits Takes Aim At Modern Demagoguery in New Single, 'Trumped Up'

Emerging singer-songwriter John Tibbits has released a compelling new single, 'Trumped Up', a poignant exploration of the dangers of demagoguery and blind loyalty. The song, written from the perspective of a demagogue's follower, reveals a chilling willingness to sacrifice personal dignity and even break the law in pursuit of their leader's goals.

Originally slated for release closer to the U.S. elections in November, 'Trumped Up' was brought forward to address the growing influence of hard-right movements in upcoming elections in the UK and France. Tibbits' timely release seeks to make a powerful statement against the rising tide of political extremism.

This single marks a departure from Tibbits' typical folk and singer-songwriter style, embracing a much heavier sound that reflects the importance of its message. 'Trumped Up' features a characteristic acoustic chord sequence in open tuning, blending Americana, rock, folk, and metal influences. This genre-bending approach showcases Tibbits' versatility and willingness to push the boundaries of the singer-songwriter genre.

The chorus's haunting refrain, "You bet you can count on me / To do everything I need to / Sacrifice my dignity / Just tell me what I can do," underscores the song's unsettling message. Tibbits, deeply troubled by the susceptibility of individuals to believe and support their leaders without question, even to the point of revolution, aims to raise awareness about this alarming trend. While the lyrics contain an element of mockery, the song ultimately emphasises the urgent need to de-radicalise these individuals and steer them toward a more rational and humane path.

Hailing from South Birmingham, Tibbits' music draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists including Frank Turner, Enter Shikari, and Radiohead. His lyrics speak to the banalities of working life, romance, political cynicism, and his passion for music itself. 'Trumped Up' is the second of three singles set to precede Tibbits' highly anticipated debut album.

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