Karissa Bone Explores the Aftermath of Heartbreak in New Single 'Bad At Math'

Michigan-born artist Karissa Bone is baring her soul in her upcoming single, 'Bad At Math'. The track promises a raw and emotional journey, delving into the devastating aftermath of a friendship breakup.

Known for her "lyrics that are a masterclass in storytelling" (Early Rising), Bone uses the song to paint a vivid picture of a betrayal that shattered her self-perception. 'Bad At Math' encapsulates everything she wished she had said in the moment, reclaiming the respect for herself that had been lost.

The single, co-produced and co-written with frequent collaborator Brompton (known for work with Emilia Ali, Gavn!, and Salem Ilese), blends Bone's signature indie/singer-songwriter sound with electronic and atmospheric pop elements. However, it's the restraint in production that allows Bone's storytelling to truly shine.

Quickly gaining recognition in Los Angeles for her unique concepts and "left-of-center hooks," the queer, Greek-American artist is proving herself a versatile talent. Proficient in guitar, piano, and vocal arrangement, Bone seamlessly moves between indie, pop, alt, and folk genres.

With a penchant for collaborators who aren't afraid to tackle difficult truths, Bone's recent work includes collaborations with artists such as BLU EYES, Gavn!, and Hunter Daily, among others. She has also collaborated with notable names like John Mark Nelson, Arthur Besna, and Michael Blum.

'Bad At Math' is set to be a testament to Bone's lyrical prowess and her ability to transform personal pain into relatable art. Fans can anticipate an honest and emotional exploration of heartbreak, delivered through Bone's distinctive sound.

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