Liposuction shares an anthem for the broke and ambitious in 'Pour Some Dollars On Me'

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Brisbane's Liposuction have shared an electrifying dose of pop-rock with their sharp new single 'Pour Some Dollars On Me'. The single, released today, arrives as a high-energy anthem for anyone who's ever felt their dreams slipping away thanks to an empty wallet. Taken from their upcoming EP 'Octopussy', which will be released later this year, the new single sees the band building off previous singles to create a defining slice of alt-rock brilliance.

Inspired by the raw energy of Nine Inch Nails, the quirky beats of Devo, and the attitude of Amyl and the Sniffers, Liposuction has crafted a sound that's uniquely their own, and their new single is the perfect encapsulation of everything that makes them so engaging. Delving into the universal theme of reflecting on past financial decisions while yearning for a more exhilarating lifestyle, 'Pour Some Dollars On Me' is an explosive collision of passionate vocals, funky basslines, powerful drumming, and sharp, exhilarating melodies.

Recording engineer Blair Condon, operating from Brisbane Recording Studio, meticulously captured the essence of the band's sound, while Jason Millhouse of Recordworks Studios expertly handled the mixing and mastering, ensuring sonic perfection.

Sunday Hunter is the driving force behind Liposuction, igniting every track with her songwriting, vocals, guitar, and keys, while she is masterfully complemented by the rhythmic powerhouse duo of bass guitarist Shannon Kilcoyne and drummer James Hurwood. 

If you loved Liposuction's previous releases, then 'Pour Some Dollars On Me' will become an instant favourite. For those not yet acquainted, the new single is a straight shot of pop-rock adrenaline that wont disappoint.

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