London's K C Q takes listeners on a dark, introspective journey with her new EP

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London's K C Q takes listeners on a dark, introspective journey with her sophomore EP, 'Former Teen Model.' This raw collection fearlessly confronts the pressures of expectation, the weight of failure, and the relentless churn of mental struggles, displaying it all bravely with a dazzling alt-pop atmosphere.

K C Q establishes the EP's brooding atmosphere with opening track 'Haptics', a stylish, distorted soundscape filled with heavy percussion that underpins the artist's unflinching exploration of her deepest insecurities. From there, 'If You Can Make It' thrums with a stark, hypnotic pulse. K C Q's signature snarl colour each song, and her lyrics are filled with raw, frustration and an unyielding hunger for success.

The EP takes a poignant turn with the stark vulnerability of 'Put the Knife Away,' rising from glitchy electronics and a hazy guitar line that supports K C Q's powerful message against self-harm. The track's dreamy quality underscores the song's sobering theme, exposing the unsettling allure of intrusive thoughts. The EP comes to a triumphant end with 'Hydra, 8 PM', a sonic fever dream of psychedelic textures and dissonant beauty that K C Q's navigates perfectly.

While K C Q only began her music career last year, her sophomore EP effortlessly reveals her impressive artistic development. With searing honesty and evocative soundscapes, 'Former Teen Model' invites listeners inside the artist's tumultuous yet fiercely creative mind.

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