Madison Beer - 'Silence Between Songs'

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After first coming to prominence in the pop scene when she began posting covers to YouTube in early 2012, Madison Beer has become an effervescent, but troubled icon. After a wave of intrusive tabloid attention and leaked image led to her diagnosis with PTSD, Madison musical output has been understandably scant. Through the release of 2018's EP 'As She Pleases', and follow-up debut album 'Life Support' in 2021, Madison has been searching for her own pop identity, and on her new album, she's closer than ever before.

An album that sees Madison opening up about her influences and creating the structure for a signature pop sound, 'Silence Between Songs' indulges in sweeping 60's pop sounds, along with more modern and psychedelic rock flourishes. In some of the standout singles like 'Home To Another One', Madison delivers a more direct, almost kaleidoscopic sound, washing her pop stylings with enchanting, shifting tones, while else where, 'Spinning', which was previously highlighted by Lana Del Rey, dives headfirst into lush, retro-pop aesthetics. 

Throughout, there is a deft scattering of old world hits that have been livingly interpolated into the mix, flooding the album with charming, nostalgic tones and earthly references that linger perfect and reflect the more personal and introspective theme of the album. In '17', Madison looks back on her fast-paced teen years, then again in ‘I Wonder’ where she shakes off a rough patch and sees the world for the first time again, capturing the essence of the album in two sweeping singles.

While it could be said that there are a tendency towards more generic pop ballads, the album as a whole is a revitalizing, re-introduction to Madison as an artist, showing that she has found a way to connect with the music that inspires her and create an authentic sound that is true to her in every way.

Speaking to Lana Del Rey in Interview Magazine in June, Beer says that she’s currently in the best place “mentally and emotionally”, and feels “confident in the music," and that sentiment really encapsulates the album. An honest triumphant, the album is Madison Beer at her most open and self-reflective.

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